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Q: Which CPR Certification do I need?

A: There are two classifications of CPR certification, BLS and Heartsaver. There is also an additional CPR training called "Hands Only CPR" but this is not a certification course. 

BLS Provider -  (formerly Healthcare Provider CPR) is the CPR level needed by Healthcare proffesionals such as Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Paramedics, EMT's, Certified Nursing Assistants etc. This training requires thorough assessment and the use of additional equipment you would find in hospital or dental offices. A written and skills test is mandatory and carries a 2 year certification period.

HeartSaver CPR - Daycare Providers, construction and office workers as well as educators and coaches require . This course teaches a quick patient assessment uses equipment you would find in a public setting. A written test is not mandatory for this level of training,but there is a skills test. This course does carry a 2 year certification.


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Q: What is the Blended Learning Programs?

A: There are 2 methods to attain certification in a CPR/ACLS or First aid course, the Traditional Classroom Program or Blended Learning Program. Traditional Classroom is completly taught by an instructor in the classroom. Blended Learning is a 2 part program.The first part is the completion of the online program which consists of an online student manual with videos and the written test if applicable, the second part is practice of skills in a classroom with the instructor prior to the skills test. 

BLS Blended Learning

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Q: Do I need to take the Blended Learning Program for BLS or ACLS renewal?

A: No. The Blended Learning is an alternative to the in classroom course for First Time student certification or for students whose ACLS certification has expired.

Q: Do I need to take the Blended Learning program for the Heartsaver Course?

A: Students who wish to take the Heartsaver course offered individually on the Heartsaver First Aid page of this website will need to take the Blended Learning program. Heartstarters will bring the entire classroom course to onsite trainings for 6 or more students and in that case the Blended Learning Program will not be needed.

Q: I did not need to bring my BLS student manual to class before, why do I need to have one now?

A: It was always mandated that students taking BLS for the first time receive a student manual to keep. It was recognized that in the past this was not always the case. When the guidelines changed in 2015, AHA stated all students should have the new manual. The student manuals are valuable assets for the student to reference after class is complete and to review for renewals.

Q: Does every student in every class need a student manual?

A: Yes it is a mandatory requirement of all AHA courses.

Q: What happens if students are not given the student manual?

A: Once identified the instructor will lose their instructor status. The student manual is a mandatory component of the course and so your class could be deemed incomplete and your CPR status could be in jeopardy.

Q: I thought CPR was "Hands Only" now.

A: Hands only CPR is a non-certification video segment designed to help train the public to take some action if they witness cardiac arrest. It is a non-certification program. It was never introduced as a certification in the past or present. (Common misunderstanding).


Q: Why cant my BLS be updated in the same class as ACLS?

A: The ACLS class only covers Adult CPR/AED, it does not test Child/Infant skills or choking. BLS also has a seperate written test. I do offer both programs in the same day.